The Weirdest Ways To Lose Weight Ever

Losing weight is a problem for many. You may have wondered what can we do to lose a few pounds? You can try going to different gyms or yoga to help reduce your weight. But did you know there are some strange yet very simple methods to reduce weight? Let’s explore them in this article. Let’s start with a recently discovered method to lose weight. Quietly sliding its way into number one.

The Weirdest Ways To Lose Weight Ever

Have Breakfast Like a Monarch

Yeah, you heard that right. One of the best ways to reduce weight is to have a heavier breakfast than your dinner. We’re not making this up. In a recent study, one group of people were given 700 calories for breakfast, 500 calories for lunch and 200 calories for dinner while the other group was given the same 200 calories throughout the day. Guess which group shed more weight? The group that eats 700 calories for breakfast. As hard as it may be to believe, this is because our metabolism is at its peak in the morning. So, no matter what you eat for breakfast, you’ll be able to digest it. We can’t say the same for dinner like our entire body. Our metabolism is also a bit slower at night and so is our digestion process. So, go with what the old timers say. Have breakfast like a monarch, lunch like a commoner and dinner like a peasant. This will help give you a balanced diet and lose weight without risking any chances of malnutrition.

Sounds great right now. Moving on to number two.

Jog While Reading Junk Mail

 It’s time to take up the trash from your inbox. So why not burn some calories while you’re at it? Open your trash folder and read the emails one by one. And as you read them, jog one lap around your house. The idea is to use your metabolism to burn the calories that have been stored in your body. You may be able to burn anywhere between 35 to one hundred and forty calories during each session while you’re doing this. Make sure that you drink a lot of water. Water will help make your body’s metabolism stronger and speed up the process of burning calories. It will also help keep you hydrated. Hey, burning calories is not an easy job. Not a fan of working hard to stay fit. Trick number 3 will make you 1. And it’s a simple one, really. You just have to.

 Hang a Mirror Opposite to Your Dining Table

You may often feel that you’re happy with yourself until you come across a mirror and realize that your reflection doesn’t really approve of your lifestyle. This is when the realization will hit you and you’ll work harder to lose some weight. There is a catch, though. The moment you realize that there’s too much work, you may go back to being self-content and not bother until you see your reflection again. This is a vicious cycle and at the end of the day it benefits no one and you don’t end up losing any weight.

Here is a small and simple trick for you. Hang a mirror on the other side of your dining table. Watching your reflection every day will help you stay motivated on your goal, which in this case is to lose weight. You’ll feel determined to go for a run and shed a few calories or for that matter, to anything that will help you sweat. The more you sweat, the more calories you’ll burn. Speaking of reflection, sometimes a picture works, too. And this brings us to number four.

Take Pictures of Your Food

 According to nutritionist Joan Seldes, Blake, clicking pictures of your food can help you lose weight. She states snapping photos and then looking back at them can make people stop and think before indulging. This works similar to the previous post. Your self-consciousness kicks in when you see your intake on a regular basis as such. You either try to reduce your consumption or work harder to burn those extra calories. We would suggest not to decrease the amount of food you consume because you don’t want to end up malnourished. Instead, increase the number of calories you burn. This way your tummy will be happy and your mind will be satisfied. Now let’s move to point number five.

There are Many after Dinner Habits

 Here’s one that can help you lose weight. Light a vanilla scented candle. How’s that going to help you lose weight? Well, here’s a simple reason. It will reduce your dessert craving tendencies. A lot of us have this habit of eating desserts after dinner, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, especially when you’ve had too much work and you don’t have time to exercise.

This is where the next trick will come to the rescue. Lighting a vanilla scented candle can’t satiate the cravings of your taste buds, but it can definitely satisfy your nose, thus reducing your cravings for dessert so you won’t have to work out to burn those extra calories because there won’t be any extra calories to burn.  Who would have thought of vanilla scented candle could be so useful? Speaking of usefulness, the sixth point is for those who can’t afford to workout daily.

See, Feel and Wear Blue

 A study suggests that being around the colors, red, yellow or orange can make you want to eat more. This is why a lot of restaurants or food chains use these colors.

Look at McDonald’s, KFC or Pizza Hut. All of these chains have either one or a combination of those colors. Just like these colors increase your urge to eat. There’s a color that does the opposite. Blue. Yes, blue is an appetite suppressant. Whenever you see blue, your appetite automatically reduces. According to researchers, people are likely to eat 33 percent less food under blue light. Try putting some of the most delicious food under blue light and you’ll find that it looks less appealing. So, if you really want to shed a few pounds and get in shape, then try eating food on a blue plate, blue tablecloth or wear blue when you’re about to eat your meal.

On the flip side, if you’re looking to increase your weight, then we would suggest that you avoid blue. Speaking of lights, this brings us to point number seven.

Turn the Lights Up

 Ever wonder why restaurants have dim lighting and play soft music while you’re eating? It has been observed that humans feel more comfortable eating in a low light and with a little bit of soft music in the background. This makes us feel relaxed and when this happens, we may end up overindulging. This can be avoided if you turn up the lights while you’re sitting down to eat. The bright light shining over your head will make you feel slightly uncomfortable and you’ll end up eating a little less than you probably intended to. Yeah, it’s a weird trick, but so are the rest of the tricks that we mentioned in this video. People come in all shapes and sizes. It’s ok not to be the shape. People expect you to be. Your body is yours and no one else’s. So as long as you feel fit, it doesn’t matter how much you weigh. You’re amazing just the way you are. So what other weight loss methods do you know of? Do you know some really weird ones? If you do, feel free to comment below. And as usual, we would love to hear from you.

Updated: September 21, 2019 — 2:44 pm

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