Health Benefits of Argan Oil For Your Body

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Health Benefits of Argan Oil

Need to add something to a meal to boost its health benefits. How about something to protect your skin heals wounds faster? Yep. Oregon oil can do all this and more before we really dive in. Argan Oil really seems too good to be true. It has all these health benefits. Plus, you can eat it. Here’s some of the many health benefits you’ll get by adding more argan oil into your life.

Skin care

 Argon oil is commonly used for cosmetic stuff like skin care, where you can apply it directly to the troubled area. As an oil or you can ingest it in a capsule. Either way, it’s been documented that argon oil does improve overall skin health, especially as something simple like a moisturizer. This is probably the most common thing it’s used for, and you’ve probably seen it listed in the ingredients in some of your favorite lotions or soaps because argon oil has a ton of vitamin E in it.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant, and if you’re a regular here at today health issues, you’ll know that antioxidants are a really great thing that helps protect your body’s cells from damage vitamin E is also kind of cool because the body sort of saves it for later and only uses it when it needs it. This means vitamin E is fat soluble for those who want to get a little technical. Argon oil is commonly used to treat skin conditions such as acne, eczema and even psoriasis because of its anti-inflammatory properties. If you’re worried about early signs of aging, argon oil is good for that, too. It has compounds that can help keep the elasticity of your skin, which in turn can prolong the signs of aging.

 Hair Care

How annoying are split ends, especially if you’re trying to grow your hair out? Turns out argon oil is a secret or not so secret ingredient in a lot of hair products because of its ability to rejuvenate hair, protect the follicles, and can make it all silky and smooth for that split end issue we were just talking about.

Turns out you could apply argon oil directly to the ends of your hair, and that should help.

 Make your Nails Look Nicer Too

 We don’t talk a lot about nail care on this site, so it’s about time we gave some love to your fingertips.

We all know that biting your nails is a bad habit and your nails do tend to get kind of dirty from time to time. Don’t worry. It happens to us too. No judgment when your nails become unhealthy. It can be hard to deal with and hard to hide if you’re self-conscious about it.

 Cue the Oregon oil.Because of its natural antibacterial properties, argon oil can help fight off possible fungal and bacterial infections that can form on your nail beds. Not only that, once your nails are clear from any infections are going to oil can help improve the color and general luck of your nails too. We were mostly talking about your fingertips, but this totally applies to your toenails too.

 Your Heart Loves It

Well, to be more specific. Oregon oil contains the stuff that keeps your heart healthy called oleic acid. Eating foods that contain oleic acid like avocados, fatty fish and dark chocolate have been known to protect your heart. Cooking with argon oil can help balance out your cholesterol levels to the bad type of cholesterol is called LDL and the good kind is called HDL.

When you lower the bad and up the good, you’re decreasing your risk of things like heart attacks and strokes.

Your Stomach Loves it Too

 Believe it or not, your stomach is pretty complicated. There’s a bunch of bacteria in there and basically a whole ecosystem of things your gut needs in order to function properly. Sometimes even eating healthy isn’t enough. If the balance in your gut is off, enter Argan oil. While some studies say that cooking with or ingesting in capsule form will help increase the pepsin levels in your stomach without getting too complicated.

Pepsin is an enzyme that your stomach makes in order for you to properly digest food you’re eating and get the things you need from your food like protein. It also has the ability to kill off harmful microbes that may be floating around in your gut to among many other helpful things. But this post isn’t about Pepsin levels, it’s about argon oil. So, some studies are saying that adding argon oil to your cooking routine may help you digest things much easier and more efficiently. And in turn, you’ll feel a lot better.

 Heals Wounds Faster

 This one kind of makes it seem like argan oil has super powers, but it does have the potential to help speed up the healing process for small wounds. Keep in mind, it won’t help you with serious stuff like losing a limb or something. But in some animal studies where they applied argan oil, it showed that it did help burn wounds, heal faster.

Keep in mind, there’s been no real testing on people, so we can’t guarantee that it’ll help 100 percent. But the data looks promising.

Help To Prevent Diabetes

 This is another one that needs more research. But again, the data so far looks really promising. There’s been some studies done on animals that show argan oil could help prevent diabetes altogether, reducing blood sugar and insulin resistance. This is because of all those antioxidants we talked about at the beginning of the post. Again, more studies on actual people need to be performed. But that’s a pretty incredible trait of a simple little oil. So, all this sounds too good to be true, right? There’s gonna be some side effects. Well, it would seem that there really isn’t much. There’s been some isolated cases of folks being allergic, some irritation to the skin in the form of a rash or acne. And in a very rare case, someone was highly allergic. But in general, the side effects are generally mild. Just like with anything, you should always talk to a professional before adding something like this into your diet. Then, just to be extra safe, you should do a spot test on your skin before using it to treat anything on your body. Better safe than sorry. Do you use argon oil already? Let us know the best way to use argon oil in your daily routine in the comments section below…

Updated: September 14, 2019 — 4:03 pm

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